Abortion Is The Woman 's Choice Essay

1460 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Everyone knows and continuously hears of a man leaving a woman because he impregnated her or a man begging a woman to abort his child that was just a one night stand but when does anyone ever hear of the man begging the woman to keep the baby? The abortion debate has been ongoing since before 1973 which was the year in which the abortion debate was taken to the supreme court known as Roe v. Wade where every state legalized abortion to certain extents. Issues with the law have occurred vigorously since that time including issues involving the fathers rights to decide what happens to their child and having no say in the matter. Although many argue that abortion is the woman’s choice because it is the woman’s body and the woman is the one going through all of the pain, there are instances in which the man should have voice in the matter as well, considering the fact that it is also the man’s child and he should be able to legally have a voice in what happens to the child.
Although it is a very controversial topic when talking about planned parenthood, the decision of a child 's life should only be decided by the one person who has to go through the pain and agony physically and emotionally, the father only has to give money to help support therefore it should be a decision only made by the mother. “If the law is allowed to go into effect it could shutter all but about 10 clinics in the state.” (de Vogue). This law was put into effect unfairly to women who are only trying to…

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