Essay on Abortion And The United States

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Abortion causes many different problems. A woman who goes to a clinic and has her baby aborted is at risk for psychological trouble. Post-traumatic stress disorder sometimes develops when a terrifying event happens. Though a woman that has an abortion is probably pro-choice, that does not change the fact that abortions are very frightening. Even though the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, the federal government still restricts a lot of funding for it. Like Shimabukuro (2015) wrote, “In addition to the temporary funding limitations contained in appropriation bills, abortion restrictions of a more permanent nature have been enacted in a variety of contexts since 1970” (13). This is to say that even though the Supreme Court made abortions legal it does not mean the federal government sanctions the action. That is because abortions are terrible. The abortion experience starts when the clinic door opens. The clinics are cold and sterile places. The woman has to fill out all kinds of disclaimers and release of liability forms. At this point she begins to wonder what really happens down the hall, because she reads some of the forms and they scare her. Then the door to the hall opens. It is another sterile environment. Between the forms and all the sterility of the place, at the very least her senses are heightened by that point. Then the door to the abortion room opens. She enters, lays down on a cold metal table, and has her legs put in stirrups. She’s going to be…

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