Abortion And Eugenics : A Social Problem Essays

1862 Words Dec 9th, 2014 8 Pages
The purpose of my presentation was to convince my audience that abortion and eugenics are a social problem. Although I presented my social problem to Community College Students, my target audiences were Blacks, people who are disabled, and low class people in society. During my presentation, I asked “Is abortion the same as killing”, to influence students that abortion and eugenics are morally wrong. I also focused on cultural values, such as the importance of human life. Not to mention, I supported my claim with grounds, such as statistics and facts. I also used statistics on crime rates, to debunk the counterclaim that abortions decreases crime rates. In my presentation, I also claimed that abortion is a worsening effect that could lead to detestation and inequality. Furthermore, I provided information to classmates on other options than abortion, such as adoption.
Overall, I believe my presentation was effective at identifying my claim. My presentation was also effective in providing grounds, such as statistics and facts .During my presentation, I was successful at discussing many social organizations that have ownership of my problem, such as the Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act. Also, I mentioned ways that abortion and eugenics can be solved, such as adoption. However, my paper was ineffective in several ways. During my presentation, I failed to elaborate more on why abortion is a social problem. Beings though abortion is a sensitive topic, I also should…

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