Essay about Abortion : A Serious And Controversial Issue

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Did you know that there are millions of people not alive today because of abortion? Some think that abortion is a horrid and sick way of dealing with an unplanned or unwanted child; pro-life, while others think of it as plan B and/or their right; pro-choice. Someone who is pro-choice feels a woman has the legal right to abort her child, while a person who is pro-life feels that human life begins at conception and that the fetus is in fact a person and has a right to life. But the big question is, how would you feel if someone took away your ability to live? Just think about not being able to say whether or not you want a chance at life. Babies cannot make this decision for themselves, so if their mother decides to abort them, they can’t do anything about it. Their future is just taken from them. Although Abortion has become a very serious and controversial issue in America, which has stirred up a lot of debate on the topic, many people choose on side or the other. I myself am against Pro-choice; I feel it is cruel and unnecessary.
Pro-choice is the belief that any woman has the right to abort her child if she feels that’s what she wants to do. People, who believe in “Pro-choice”, believe that a fetus is not human life and does not have any human rights while in the mother’s womb. Pro-choice does let the mother choose how she wants to go about aborting her child. There’s a pill and surgical ways to abort a child. Now the abortion method is determined by how far long the…

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