A Study of How to Promote the Use of Mobile Payment Essay

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A study of how to promote the use of mobile payment

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Table of Contents

1 Title 1
2 Aim 1
3 Objectives 1
4 Background 2
5 Critical review of relevant literature 3 5.1. Basic Mobile Payment Types 3 5.1.1. Mobile Fees Account Payment 3 5.1.2. Bank Card Mobile Payment 3 5.1.3. Token based Mobile Payment 4 5.2. Mobile payment choice 5 5.3. Factors that influence mobile payment 5 5.3.1. Stability of mobile network facilities 6 5.3.2. Standardisation challenges 6 5.3.3. User experience 7 5.3.4. Security 8 5.3.5. Regulation Issues 9 5.4. Other issues of mobile payment 10
6 Research method
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Moreover, it is agreeable become a high risk if users are not clear about the payment instructions and understand the clause and regulation. Just as one of the point that mentioned in Zhang (2008: 6651), disadvantages of mobile fee account payment is weak guarantee for trading security.

2. Bank Card Mobile Payment

Bank card payment is slightly complicated compare with Mobile Fees Account Payment. As this services required a subscription from not only the bank as well as with the mobile service provider. This has abundant financial functions could provide full play to the mobilisation and individualisation characteristics of mobile phone, and provide users with ultra-powerful mobile payment functions (Zhang 2008: 6651). By using this payment, user can increase the accessibility of checking their financial status for their private account. The reason why it is more secure and powerful is because there is have a tight secure control by not only bank, mobile service provider and merchants but also the processes have to go through with the 3rd party – CA (Certification Authority). It has the abilities to increase prevention likes counterfeit party especially as a “fake” merchant. Although (Zhang 2008: 6651) believed that there is a powerful security guarantee by using bank card mobile payment. Unfortunately, there is more likely forging the real user identity by just using the same devices once the device got stolen.

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