A Study Of Culture Of Nations Essay

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Ethnology is the study of culture of nations. Ethnology will also study the culture of a nation can only be studied, but also the culture of many peoples, comparing the cultures of more social features can also be generalized across the entire humanity. Ethnology is a study of culture that can be called the wisdom of the life in nations. Even if ethnography is targeting at ethnic study, anthropologist have to comparative study and identify the characteristics of different culture. Also, ethnology has to study with historical research as well as comparative study. To identify of different culture in a way characteristic of a comparative study is corporate. However, to clarify the essence of culture is necessary to understand about the bound to historical view for establishing a culture. In this sense, ethnology is known as the cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology is a field of anthropology that anthropologist have compare and fieldwork in different cultures and human as a human-social-scientifically in the world. Cultural anthropologist study deep into similarity and difference about the variety ethnic group and their culture. Especially, they are targeted at specific community, in which they are more focused on sociocultural value clearly. Anthropologist has without to spate the holistic approach to all aspects of human life, and to study from the perspective of cultural relativity and also, compare it distinctive of cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology is a…

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