Essay about A Report On The Restaurant Crew

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If the manager was able to work besides their employees for a while before returning to the office the loss percentage would managed much better than with any other option presented in this study. This would be best of all scenarios for both the manager and the employees. The manager would regain his extrinsic reward of the monthly bonus and employees would regain their food and drink privileges. Most importantly this arrangement allows for the manager and team to work together creating a tighter bond and opportunities for better communication. However by the time this schedule was implemented at Perfect Pizzeria the situation had moved past where such a low key approach would work on its own.
I feel the theory that best explains the result of the two month period of low loss percentages is extrinsic motivation. Based on the information in the study, the restaurant crew mostly has a continuance commitment, since there is no other employment opportunities in the area they work there as the only good option. The crew is also bent of maintaining their food and drink privileges even if that means going against company policy showing that they have no affective commitment to the pizzeria. The only reason loss percentages went down while the manager was working besides them is because they did not want to be caught. The crew also has no intrinsic motivation to work, because as the case shows, they keep up their behavior whenever that manager is not present. They may even feel…

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