Essay about A Reflection On The Field Of Psychology

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When one thinks of a diamond, what comes to mind is that they are very precious, multifaceted, and they are rarely flawless which, can all be allegorically representative of individual marriages, as each one is comprised of unique factors, contributing to the brilliance or dullness of a union. The field of psychology definitely has some legitimate insight into certain aspects of relationships and marriage, such as interpersonal skills, but the true essence of such a union resides in God’s Word and stands firmly on a Biblical foundation. God Himself purposefully crafted man and woman not only physically, but also emotionally for the companionship of one another, as they trek through the journey of life. There is not a more intimate scenario than the coupling of two individuals, and the process in which they go through to merge their lives with one another.
Marriage in and of itself is a sacred covenant, and although the initial spark of passionate love seems to be the main ingredient for success, there are other variables to consider, along with genuine issues that arise. Such items and/or repercussions of a marital commitment can include attitudes concerning selfishness and selflessness, the value of communication, and the choice of whether or not to sustain the marriage. Moreover, it is important to acknowledge that the comprehension and stewardship of these three elements is dependent upon each person’s perception of themselves in relation to their spouse, and any…

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