Essay on A Interview With A Project Manager

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While deciding on the person that I wanted to conduct this interview with, there were a good amount of people that came to mind. This one particular person is my uncle, which has been very lucky to be doing what he loves, a very interesting job which I have always wanted to know more about. During his years within the field, he is now a Project Manager focused on overall planning when dealing with building new buildings and other architecture. He is also responsible in different areas that are focused on designing as well as all the different areas that are involved in being a Project Manager which consists of permits as well as designs and the overall construction process. This actual manager position does involve a lot of planning as well as being able to give out directions and also focus on other important areas including budgeting and coordinating. During this paper I will be presenting different areas containing information on his job and different areas that a project manager covers.
When it comes to being a Project Manager, there sure are a lot of different responsibilities that are dealt with on a day to day basis. Those responsibilities include areas such as:
• Being responsible for overall management when dealing with every aspect
• Come up with possible designs and overall construction ideas/projects
• Preparation
• Planning when it comes to tracking as well as different distributions that come around
• Acknowledge and have each entitlements up and ready to go

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