A Debate Between Oedipus and Socrates on the Role of Fate Essay

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A very important debate that runs in our society is the role of fate in the life of a person. Many philosophers have chosen to highlight the importance of fate while many others, especially those with a scientific bent of mind, have chosen to ignore the role of fate. Many people, especially scientists, believe that fate is non-existent and that a man writes his won destiny. They believe that a man’s industry creates his fate and that there are other forces that determine the progression of his life. They cite the lives of great men and women, who had defied fate and had made a name for themselves in the society. They believe that a person must use his skills and his resources and fight against all odds to become successful in
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Indeed such circumstances would have put any self-respecting person to shame. But come to think of it. It may be said that the entity that you call fate was nothing but a sequence of events that followed your mother's actions. Lord bless the poor soul, but it was her lack of independent and analytical thinking that created the circumstances that followed you in your life. Imagine that your mother had not given you off to the shepherd in fear of the prophecy. That was the first big mistake that she did. If she had brought you up under her guidance I am sure that the fine man that you would grow into, would never have let the prophecy come true. It is a sad misfortune that the power of suggestion induced by the prophecy prompted your mother to get rid of you. She however chose the worst method to get rid of you. If she had decided to get rid of you, she could have eliminated you, but she chose to abandon you, not kill you, and you grew up in the palace of another King to kill your father. I must say that it was her indecision to let you grow as a proper human being that made the prophecy come true. She had the choice of bringing you up under the strict controls of your culture or to kill you. In either case the prophecy would not have come true. It is however her faulty judgment that made the prophecy come true.

Oedipus: That is exactly

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