A Day When I Was An Premature Child Essay

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It was a blistery day when I was born on January 28th 1997. I was supposed to be born a month later, but that was not the case, as my mother Jill had to undergo a c section to have me. I was born a whopping 5 pounds, and had to immediately be transported via helicopter from the St. Peter hospital to the children’s hospital in the cities. My parents always joke that I was costing them money right out of birth. I had some lung function issues but I eventually made it out and back home. The doctors told my parents that I may have some learning difficulties, because I was a premature child. However, that’s something we like to joke about today, as I ended up graduating near the top of my class in high school. I grew up in the same small house during my childhood. My parents Adam and Jill, both worked really hard, but neither of them had college 4 years degrees, so money was always a difficulty growing up. At age two my parents got a cat named Calie. For the next 15 years of my life that cat and I became very close friends, and she always tagged along wherever I went in the house. At age five my parents enrolled me in St. Annes elementary school. My grandparents helped finance me through elementary school, as we were all members of the church, and faith has always been a strong part of my family. Both my mothers and fathers parents have had a very important involvement in my life. I struggled in my early elementary school years. The preschool had recommended I wait an extra…

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